Development of the Dark Knight

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We might characterize adolescence in the words of Charles Dickens:" it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."
In the movie, Bruce Wayne's parents were killed when he's young. He blame himself for their deaths. He feared bats when he fell into a carve, bats have become his worst nightmare.
we've all asked ourselves " who am i ?" at some point. indeed, one of the central challenges of adolescence is to get a firm handle on our identity, our sense of who we are, as well as our life goals and priorities.Bruce Wayne realize what he wants to do is to become a man who protects innocent people and fight the evils.
there's good reason to believe that we can trace the roots of our moral understanding to fear. in infancy and childhood, we associate right with reward and wrong with punishment, so we learn not to do bad things to avoid punishment. over time, our fears become internalized. Indeed, one of the best predictors of the strength of children's sense of morality is their level of fear years earlier. Bruce Wayne overcame his fear and turn them into his strength against his enemy.
Bruce Wayne has became and gone beyond the Bat man he wanted to become, but he has not realize it. His morality leads him to carry the frame and be hunted by the police. The Dark Knight, what more do I have to say.

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Expand the connections between the Dark Knight and psychology a little more. You have a good start, but I'd like to see more detail. A link to more information about the characters might be good as well. Citations of where you got your information too.

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