Dissociative Identity Disorder

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iStock_000004356705Small-300x222.jpgI recently read an article about dissociative identity disorder or DID for short. In the article it discussed how DID according to the media and even some mental health doctors is not a real disorder. However, it is a real and debilitating disorder that people suffer from everyday.
When looking at the belief that DID does not exist it is easy to see why people believe this. In the article it says that when someone has dissociative identity disorder that it is very obvious. This myth is because in movies and on television characters who have DID have an over exaggerated form of the disorder. This over exaggeration is just like the pseudoscience concept of extraordinary claims. In reality people who suffer from DID spend seven years in the mental health system before they are diagnosed.
Another myth in relation to dissociative identity disorder is that treatment of DID may make the disorder worse. However, the treatment of DID does make help the person suffering from DID get better. People who are treated and do not improve may have been given outdated or ineffective approaches. This claim of outdated or ineffective approaches is the pseudoscience concept of Occam's razor. People not over exaggerating why treatment isn't effective makes the claim very simple and not to far fetch.
To read more about DID and the other myths that are about this disorder check out,

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Your link didn't show up. Remember you have to have text for it to link to. Where did you get your information? Why do people think it is a myth? Be clearer in your arguments.

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