Do Songs Glorifying Violence Affect How People Behave?

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In class, we discussed whether violence in the media caused children to misbehave. The general consensus was that it did in fact have an affect on children, but what about music?

If music has suggestive lyrics, then will it cause an increase in violence. The article points out that in a survey, only 30% of the teens actually knew the lyrics and they all interpreted them differently. It also states that people function normally outside of music and that they only start to notice a difference with music videos. Depending on my mood at times I will listen to music that talks about violence, but it never really affects my life and the way I function. Sometimes if I listen to a song that is full of energy, it will get me excited like before hockey games, but rarely do I take the meaning of the lyrics into account. I agree that people do not really take lyrics too seriously, but why is it that videos and movies have a greater affect on society?

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Why do you think that videos and movies might have more impact? What factors could affect this? Be sure to use the link function (and be sure that you have text for it to link to so it shows up).

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