Does money bring us happiness?

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Does money bring us happiness? There's that cliche phrase, "money can't buy happiness," but I still think a majority of people would say that yes, money can correlate to being happy and can make you happy. When people have enough money, they are able to live easier and don't have to stress about their next meal, buying school supplies, keeping up with bills and the mortgage, etc.

The psychology book says that money can't buy long term happiness. Someone who wins the lottery will be temporarily very happy, but after a few weeks, they will return to their usual state of happiness. People with more than 50,000 dollars do not really have a correlation between money and happiness, because they have enough money to survive and live their live. People tend to forget that more money can bring complications such as working harder and being busier and working longer hours, and the stress that comes along with working too much definitely will not make you happy.

The article I read about takes a stab at the opposing side, disagreeing with most people and lots of research that money does not buy happiness. She states that happiness is many emotions, rather than just one. Feeling financially secure, being prideful and proud of the children you sponsor in a different country, and the joy from an expensive vacation, are all parts of being happy, and all cost money. The article was very interesting to read and I enjoyed reading about someone who told the truth about money and how it affects their life.

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How do you think the article compares to the other research you discuss? Why do you think her experience is different? Give a little more comparisons between the two parts of your blog post. Include a picture.

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