Does Money Buy You Happiness?

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In the article here by Times Magazine, it discusses a study done by Princeton University that claims if you make an income lower that $75,000 a year you are less happy. The study says that there are two types of happiness, mood/day and satisfaction about your life. The group of people that were studied fell under the satisfaction about their life category. Our book claims that money is a secondary reward but is not a factor that makes us happier. This article provides a replicable study that claims different then this.
I also agree with the article. When a family has stresses about their financial living, they definitely are less happy. My mom without the support of my dad does not bring in a big income. She lives check by check to pay her bills and finds herself less happy because she is constantly stressed about paying the next bill. "At $75,000, that effect disappears. For people who earn that much or more, individual temperament and life circumstances have much more sway over their lightness of heart than money. The study doesn't say why $75,000 is the benchmark, but "it does seem to me a plausible number at which people would think money is not an issue" (Money). To have a livable amount such as $75,000 proves to bring happiness from this article, and I believe the study to prove true. Happiness is an emotion of satisfaction and positivity that money can provide. It is not a healthy thing to rely on money to bring you happiness but it will give you it.

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Do you think it could be about meeting basic needs and wants? Does money buy happiness over $75,000?

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