Does Mozart really make you smarter?

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The Mozart Effect is a psychological phenomenon that I found especially intriguing. My question is can listening to Mozart really make you smarter? It was found in a study in 1993 that participants who listened to Mozart would have a higher IQ than those who did not. However these increases in intelligence were of short duration. This study has created much controversy about the effect of classical on learning.
Mozart's music helps with spatial-temporal reasoning, so participants in studies would be better at doing things such as mazes with paper and pen. The participants would make fewer errors and would finish them more quickly.
This article talks a lot about how Mozart's music works in the brain and in what way it makes people "smarter". It's not as much in terms of IQ, but has more to do with logical reasoning and problem solving. There are also not many long-term effects that were found. I think that the music makes people more attentive and more able to focus and that's why, when paired with something that requires reasoning, people tend to excel more. The classical music opens the brain and the listener isn't distracted by lyrics so it's easier for them to focus, therefore making them "smarter". However, in terms of IQ, I do not think that listening to Mozart, in the long run, will have a great effect.

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