Does my nose grow?

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According to the Lilienfeld text, the infamous "lie detector" relies on the assumption that the human body experiences a physiological or behavioral change when lying known as the Pinocchio response. If the test relies on this naturally occurring response, then what exactly is it measuring?post-23599-043113800 1299275862.jpg

In laments terms, the Pinocchio response is a concept where our body changes state while we engage in telling a lie. This generally has deals with things like blood pressure levels, respiration frequency, and an involuntary increase in the amount of sweat that we perspire.The test generally measures the amount that these processes fluctuate while answering questions, generally saying that these will fluctuate greatly when a lie is told.

To me, this idea can and has been utilized very well when it comes to the use within law enforcement in order to keep society running smoothly. Unfortunately, this response is not a fool proof way to detect lying due to differences in everybody's responses, and the fact that one can train to control these responses at their own will. Even so, I know that I for one do get a little short of breath when I lie, and I can feel my heartbeat rise out of being nervous.

I personally think that this is a fascinating natural phenomena, and I'm very curious how well the polygraph test actually does for detecting lies based off of this criteria. As the text states, this does yield a considerable amount of false-positives so I don't think that it should be used as a fool proof way to come up with a verdict on somebody being guilty, however I do believe that it can at least give an idea on how truthful somebody is.

Does my nose grow?

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Why do you think the false positives occur? Do you think that people also have a fast pulse and respiration when being asked uncomfortable questions? A link that is a little more applicable to your topic would be better.

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