Eating Disorders:

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This article describes what eating disorders do and how they affect the body. It compares males to females and is full of statistics. Some which include: 226 college students (98 males and 128 females) concerning weight, body shape, dieting, and exercise history, the authors found that 26% of the men and 48% of the women described themselves as overweight. Women dieted to lose weight whereas men usually exercised. 1,373 high school students revealed that girls (63%) were four times more likely than boys (16%) to be attempting to reduce weight through exercise and caloric intake reduction. Boys were three times more likely than girls to be trying to gain weight (28% versus 9%).

This article relates to me because I am a full time college student and i realize what would happen if i decided to make these certain choices and obtained an eating disorder. I do my best to eat healthy and this helps me see the affects it has on people who have them. This is a very helpful article to see how dangerous an eating disorder can become.


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What are the eating disorders? What are the dangers of eating disorders? Give more analysis of the topic. Use the link function for your link.

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