EQ? IQ? Or Both?

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Continuing on with our debate from our discussion sections on IQ, this article talks about the great importance of Emotional Intelligence over standard intelligence which is measured by regular IQ tests. I says that in certain professions EQ testing was a better indicator than IQ testing because plenty of jobs have to do more with a person's emotional health, rather than simply there overall intelligence.

I find this to be very interesting because most companies take more stock in a person's standard intelligence than they do on their emotional intelligence. This is because in most jobs you must be able to deal with stressful situations and constructively deal with people on a daily basis. Therefore, if you have a strong emotional intelligence, then you should be better equipped to handle these types of situations.


Overall, I feel that is important to consider people on more than just an IQ basis for a job. This is because not only does there emotional intelligence matter, but there are many other factors that matter correlate to good performance on the job, like motivation. Many businesses however take into account only one or two small factors when considering an applicant's likely performance on a job. This is unfortunate, because they are not giving everyone a fair chance to obtain a job, because while some people have a very high general intelligence and a very low emotional intelligence (or vice versa), they are not able to show a potential employer their greatest strengths this way.

Therefore, in order to way applicants for a job fairly, and accurately, it is important to look at more than just one factor, like their IQ.

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