Eugenics: Good or a Bad?

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Is Eugenics a good or a bad thing?
The idea of eugenics was first founded by Francis Galton who believed that if talented partners were to have children, then their offspring would also be intelligent. This idea was transformed and adopted in the United States first by California. The eugenics movement in America was to improve the human race by sterilization, banning marriages, and segregating those who do not fit the Nordic, blue eyed blonde, type and also desire those who were tall, strong and talented.

In the opinion of those who believe this is a good thing due to the elimination of those who are "untalented", is it certain that those who are talented produce offspring who will also be talented? This can relate back to the idea of nature vs. nurture. There are many who are very talented and came from a poor background and took advantage of their struggles to do better. Think about the Reign of Adolf Hitler who wanted blonde haired blue eye people. Millions were killed, unless you don't have a heart, then you would see that the loss of lives is not worth improving the human race.
If we didn't have those who weren't talented or the ideal "perfect" type, then who would be doing some of the jobs out there? I do not want to list the types of jobs due to possibility of offending people as well as creating a stereotype. There is a place for everyone in this world and no one should be denied the opportunity to be a mother, marry, or be alive because they were born the way they were from their environment and genetics.

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