Five Years From Now: Parenting Styles

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The concept in psychology that I will recall five years from now are the three major parenting styles studied by Diana Baumrind. Permissive parents are those that don't seem to give a rat's hole about what a child does and rarely uses discipline. Authoritarian parents are those who believe in being strict with many rules and rarely allowing children to explore. Authoritative parents are those who have the best parenting styles; they support their children but also set rules.
I found that these three parenting styles associate with how my parents have raised me. I feel as though they have been authoritarian; when I was young I was never able to do anything that allowed me to explore or meet new people, I was never in any outside of school activities, I was never able to go to sleepovers or invite friends over. My parents were very strict and I was always afraid of doing something wrong that would disappoint them.
Then there became a point in which they were Authoritarian, and this happened as I got older and I was able to make good decisions and I wanted to explore and be able to experience new things. Being the only daughter my parents had the permissive style of parenting with my brothers and more authoritarian with me. I believe that these styles affect my life, being that my parents nurtured me to be who I am today.

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Do you mean they became Authoratative? How do you think they affected your life and who you are?

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