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Now, this blog is not intentionally meant to be a "roast" of Sigmund Freud; but, you know, it may just end up that way.

It baffles me that Freud believed and preached the claims that he made.
How did these claims even make it into any psychology book?
They are such extraordinary claims and he never any backs it up with
extraordinary evidence. Did he not understand the scientific thinking principles?
I mean, there are only six of them...

First, I would ask him, "What were the events that lead to causation of us meeting?"
He states in his theory of personality that 'psychic determinism' is the assumption that all events are caused and apparently we aren't free to choose our actions.
But in all reality, I chose freely to ask that question. Didn't I?
Falsify that one Sigmund.

Next, I would spend most of my time questioning his idea of
"The Stages of Psychosexual Development".
This 'concept', if you can call it that, is what puzzles me most.
I would ask him, "What kid, girl or boy, have you EVER met that wanted to kill his mother or father because they felt strong urges to have sex with their parent of the opposite sex?
What kid?
Name five?
Okay, no, name one?"
The only "evidence" that Freud had was that he attended a Greek play, where the son kills his father because he fantasizes about his own mother.
But, the key word there, was that he attended a play.
So, because he witnessed a fictional play he was somehow able to discover how the mind works.
Yeah, I don't think so.

Sorry Sig, but next time you want to come up with a theory, just follow the 6 simple scientific principles. We learned about them in chapter one, so it shouldn't be all that difficult.
Also, sorry for roasting you. I'm sure you were a nice guy.

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How do you think Freud might have answered your questions? For example, I imagine Freud would explain to you that the events of taking this Psychology course and writing this blog were the causes that led you to form the question in the first place. Explain how the scientific principles refute Freud's theory. Give more analysis. Where did you get your information (cite/link)?

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