Gender Roles and Social Influences

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It seems as though some people have a difficult time understanding the terms gender and sex. Sex refers the biological status of an individual as having a male or female reproductive system, whereas gender is the wide set of characteristics that help distinguish males from females. Society has had a major influence on the way people view male and female individuals and the roles they should take on based upon their sex.

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Starting from infancy, people treat male and female babies differently. Examples could be toys given, colors that they are dressed in, or how they are talked to. Males toys tend to be tools or sports equipment whereas females are more likely to be given dolls or toy kitchen supplies. Sexes are also often shown through clothing. If a baby is wearing pink or purple, it is likely that the baby is female. As for boys, blue and green are often worn to show their sex. When communicating, people use words such as strong and handsome when talking to a baby boy. In contrast, girls are often called pretty and adorable instead.

These differences in treatment do not go unnoticed. Children pick up on these differences and begin to form their own ideas of gender roles. As you will see in the following video, children have a distinct idea of which sex should do specific tasks and what characteristics are appropriate for each.

According to the video, children have set ideas in their head of characteristics and actions that are appropriate for a certain sex. From the video, some children have the perspective that child care and cleaning are done and even liked by females. In contrast, males work. The way in which people act and treat others impacts the way society grows to view the sex of individuals and the way they perceive gender roles.

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Nice post. Good video too!

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