High IQ vs. Success

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In class we debated about whether or not companies should hire people based on their IQ levels or not. This question is a real life example of how correlation does not always equal causation. One would figure that a person with a very high IQ, would end up being very successful in life. This assumption is false more times than not, one specific study had shown that there was only a 20% correlation between high IQ and success in the real world. The numbers do not lie, but they are very contradicting. In this same study, school work and getting a degree with top grades, directly correlated to having a high IQ, over 95%. So then what happens between graduating with a degree and top grades and actually achieving "success"? Where does this 75% change just occur? Once people get to the real business world other things factor into success, not just intelligence anymore. A person, depending on what profession they are going into, need to have a well balanced combination of intelligence, people skills, and creativity among other things. So then the answer to the question of should companies look at people's IQs when hiring, should be yes. All of the previous information may lead one to believe the opposite but that should not be the case. Not only should companies look at IQ test scores but also emotional intelligence (EQ), political intelligence (PQ), cultural intelligence (CQ), and contextual intelligence (XQ). Depending on what kind of person a company is looking for a specific job, the balance of all of these factors would change. To look at a person's IQ important, but then the rest of these other intelligence measurements must be brought into just as much consideration.

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How would the other intelligences impact job performance? Do they show any correlation to success? How was success measured in the study? Tell us what the link is and why we should go there. Also be sure to use the link function and include a picture.

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