How a Soldier Extinguishes Fear

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Death is a common event for all of mankind. It strikes us at all times and is the eventual end for us all. But for some, death strikes in such a way that it causes severe damage and pain for those around them. No one knows this concept better than soldiers. Take for instance an American soldier named Joe (Last Name Not Disclosed) who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after returning from duty in 2005. Joe witnessed his friend Gary die a horrific death at the hand of a land mine. When he came home from duty he was changed. He recalled grisly memories when he smelled gasoline. When he heard loud sudden noises he was instantly ready for combat. He remembered scenes of battle during work and he had trouble remembering things. (source) PTSD has so many harmful symptoms it sounds nearly hopeless to try and recover from. But there is hope. Exposure Therapy is the answer to the problem. According the Lilienfeld text exposure therapy works by using systematic desensitization which lets clients confront what they fear to eliminate the fear. It utilizes countercondtioning to which means to pair relaxation with an original anxiety stimulus. The two can't mix so the fear is dropped. A technique that falls user this category is something known as "flooding". Flooding involves a large sudden exposure to the fear inducing stimuli. Both of these methods are used to treat horrible conditions like PTSD which can be very debilitating. This is very relieving to me personally as I have family serving in the military and in active combat zones. I don't want any of them to have to deal with PTSD but if they have to, they can at least be helped.

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