How Does the Style of Parenting Effect Children?

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In our text book, 4 different styles of parenting are brought up. They are: permissive, authoritarian, authoritative, and uninvolved. Permissive parents us discipline sparingly and often shower their children with attention. Authoritarian parents are super strict and show little affection for their children. Authoritative parents are the best of both worlds; they give their children freedom but set firm limits and rules. Uninvolved parents as you guessed it are just not involved in their child's life and just ignore them. Because these styles of parenting only show correlation and not causation Heinz Hartmann came up with the term average expectable environment. Average expectable environment is an environment that provides children with basic needs for affections and discipline. That basically means that as long as a parent's parenting style falls within this their children will turn out just fine. But what if it falls outside of that area? An example we can use to show what happens is with Regina George from the movie Mean Girls. Her mom is permissive. She gives Regina permission to do whatever she wants, and does not discipline her for any of her actions. By her doing this Regina, is a bully at school. She bosses people around, thinks she can get whatever she wants, and has to be the center of attention. By not having discipline more than likely led to Regina being this way. She never got the right balance of love and discipline. Now, I'm not saying that this caused her to be this way, because some kids have moms like Regina's and they are just fine. Regina is just an example of what can sometimes happen when children do not experience the average expectable environment.

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Where did you get your information about Heinz Hartmann? If from the textbook, indicate that. If not, cite and link to your source.

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