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Dawit Wage
Psychology writing assignment # 5
Date - 11/18/11
Intelligence is the ability to understand and learn and make judgment or have opinions that are based on reason. As we have seen in our text book the ideas of psychologists are divided toward the concept of intelligence. There are many controversies among psychologists to get the real concepts of intelligence. For instance psychologist Charles Spears described intelligence as - g or general intelligence. He tried to define intelligence as overall individual mental capacity without the specific ability of individual on a certain area of field. Actually some people are smarter than others no doubt about it, the problem is we do not know on which area he or she smarter than others. He himself aware the general intelligence didn't produce individual difference and tells the whole story of intelligence among individuals. Spears also came up with the idea of s factor or specific ability that sounds nice to me; because every individual is good at certain area of field and bad at others field. For example some people are good at mathematics and bad at linguistics area.
On the other hand psychologist Howard Gardener dissatisfied with the idea of general intelligence that Spears proposed. Gardener states intelligence as multiple domain which means, each individual has around eight components of independent intelligences which enable individual to perform mental task. Gardner believed each person is good at many areas of field rather than a certain area of field but his idea was not supported by many psychologists. Extra ordinary claims need extra ordinary evidences. Another psychologist, Robert Sternberg who supports Gardner idea also proposed three fundamental aspects of intelligence: analytical, practical, and creative. Sternberg and Gardner they both criticize Spears for the idea of general intelligence. In my opinion the idea of factor s or specific ability that Spears came up with was very sounds to me, because some people are good at mathematics and physics and bad at linguistic area. Imagine if everybody had the same level of understanding to ward something the world would be in a very boring and uninteresting place to live. This would make the diversities of knowledge nonsense that we all enjoy today. Therefore, in my opinion the factor of s or specific ability of Spears idea would be better supported the individual differences ideas and the diversities of knowledge that are exist in our world. Let us rejoice and appreciate the diversity of knowledge that each individual is good at it. For instance, Albert Einstein mathematics and physics are his second nature that no one can deny about it. Alber.jpg
Source Scott Lilienfeld

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Good use of your own opinions and thoughts about the topic. Nice picture.

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