IQ vs Obesity

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Recent studies have shown that there is a link between scores on the intelligence quotient tests and obesity. This study reports that people that score low on the tests tend to have a higher chance of being obese. This raises the question of the link between the correlation and causation between the two.
The link between obesity and intelligence is one that has been brought up throughout the years. The fact is that there is a positive correlation between the two, but they may not be the cause of one another. This connects back to the question in psychology of correlation vs. causation. Although there is a correlation between the two, it does not necessarily mean that scoring low on an intelligence quotient test will lead to obesity or vise versa. The argument against there being any causation involved is that there are many other factors involved that can make it seem as if there is this direct connection between the two. These factors include social environment as well as socioeconomic standing. More nutritious food tends to be more expensive in comparison to foods like McDonald's Dollar Menu. The only possible causation argument that I feel can be made is that people with lower scores on intelligence quotient tests are less aware of how to eat healthily and take care of their nutrition. Although this link may be legitimate, I find the first of the two to be more likely because socioeconomic standing and ability to buy nutritious food seems like a more likely connection.

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