Kids Need to Drink Cow's Milk

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Myth: Kids Need to Drink Cow's Milk.
Parents often insist that there children drink milk, but why? Kids who don't drink cow's milk are just as healthy as those children that do, studies show. In fact research suggests hat milk-free kids may be at less likely to develop colic, ear infections, and asthma. That was the article that CBS news had in its 15th Deadliest Food Myths. I believe milk is a substance that can help nutrient the bones in our bodies, but I don't believe it's the only nutrient that can replenish our bones. Scientific Principle #2: Correlation isn't Causation. Correlation designs don't permit casual inferences. A being milk could lead to an increase in bone health. B being bone health could possibly be influenced by drinking milk. But possibly C equals B meaning beans, green leafy vegetables (except spinach), fortified juices, soy milk and many other foods can also increase bone health. Another scientific principle I find to be useful under these circumstances is scientific principle #5 Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence. Meaning is the Evidence as extraordinary as the claim itself. Stating that milk is an essential substance needed to influence bone health means without milk you will not have strong bones. There is no evidence other than the fact that milk provides calcium. Stating that milk is the only substance that can provide calcium is extraordinarily outrageous but not extraordinary within it self. Many other nutrients provide calcium to the body which in turn provides bone health/strength (some nutrients/ substances stated earlier in this blog). Being that the only evidence milk has is that is it provides calcium is not enough to be given the title extraordinary evidence. I feel the scientific thinking principle #2 Correlation isn't Causation is the most useful for evaluating this particular claim.


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Make your correlation vs. causation explanations a little clearer (the a, b, c example is not clear). Use the link function (be sure to have text to link it to). Add a picture in.

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