Large portions size status symbols

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In a recent study from North Western University, researchers found that people who feel powerless may feel the need to eat larger portion sizes in an attempt to boost their social status. Researchers also discovered that those who were told that they were supposed to eat less at a high-end restaurant actually ate less. This shows how important social status is to many individuals. It also shows how heavily food effects our lives and the way we think people perceive us. People who suffer from bulimia nervosa, mainly young women, binge on food, and than vomit in after in order to maintain weight. This is usually accompanied with the fear of gaining weight, and the regret of having eaten so much. Likewise, people with anorexia nervosa feel are afraid to gain weight, so much that they starve themselves. This also mainly effects young women. These diseases, along with the portion control, are all ways in which people can make themselves feel better, whether it's too boost their image, or to make them feel less guilty and more beautiful.

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Make the connection between the article that you read and the eating disorders a little clearer. Give a little more analysis of the article. Include a picture.

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