Link Between IQ and Heart Disease

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In class, we learned that IQ testing correlates positively with many desirable factors of life, but it certainly isn't the most important thing in life. Without the appropriate determination and social skills, which aren't evaluated by the test, a high IQ guarantees nothing. But how important is a high IQ? The book shows that IQ correlates positively to wealth, educational success, and health. A study published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation shows that IQ might be a stronger predictor than previously thought. In fact, out of a large range of testable factors, IQ came in second only to smoking as an indicator of the likelihood of heart disease. The total mortality is also at a much greater level as IQ scores went down.
The other factors tested were income, high blood pressure, physical fitness, and physical activity. Low IQ was more strongly correlated than any of these. I was surprised by these results, as I expected the only reason IQ would correlate to cardiovascular problems is through these other factors. However; this could be explained if IQ is more closely related to each of the factors individually than the factors are related to each other. A person with a low IQ would generally fit into more of the risk factors than someone with a high IQ. This is explained in the article as the IQ denoting a record of "environmental insults" that accumulate through life and are also factors of heart disease.


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Be sure to tell us what the link is and why to look at it. Nice post overall.

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