More than Just a Semester of Psychology

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009055-Speech-therapy-stroke.jpgIn five years, I predict that the psychology I've learned in this introductory course will be something I encounter daily. Currently, my major is speech language hearing sciences. My goal is to take the major into career that will allow me to work with both stroke patients and traumatic brain injury patients in an effort to reestablish their communication abilities. Most of the topics in the Psychology textbook will be useful at one time or another for this occupation, but the there are a couple of concepts that seem to be more relevant to speech pathology than others.
The most obvious concept studied in this course that will most likely be incorporated into my daily life is the concept of language and language acquisition. Similar to a child learning a new language, a majority of the patients I encounter will also be working to learn a language; the difference lies in the fact that both stroke patients and TBI patients are relearners of a language that they've known their whole life.
In addition to the language topic, the biological properties of the brain will also be resourceful in my future aspirations. The plasticity of the brain will be illustrated in the most miraculous ways throughout my career. As patients regain the ability to use language and communicate with loved ones in ways that were once possible only before the impairment, I will be witnessing the phenomenon of the brain's plasticity in a completely natural circumstance. I have a feeling it will be encouraging to see the exchanging of responsibilities among the brain regions in action.

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You might really enjoy taking a course on Biopsychology! Good luck in your future career!

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