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Mouakoon Yang
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An important concept or term that I have learned in our text book is the "lexical approach". Which in this approach it considers that a person who act a certain way is influence by his culture or the type of ethnicity one person is this include his way of living and languages he speaks. This concept or term I believe is important because it is also a certain truth to it. Because of ethnicity a white male compare to Asian male would be more likely to live on his own because generally a white male would be more likely to move out and leave his parents and the Asian male would more likely stay with his parents. This is due to the Asian culture where the male will stay and live with their parents and help them on the other hand the white male would leave and start a family of his own because in his culture it is more of a culture to be on your own to prove you are grown up and for the Asian culture it is to be able to support your parents that prove you have grown up. In a way the Asian culture is more of a respecting the parents and the white culture is more of making your parents proud you are on your own now. I thought this is a good term because I could apply it to my own way of life. I am an Asian an in my culture it is natural that the son stay living with their parents even when they are marry the wife and husband would stay living with the husband's parents or they move and move the parents with them. My father and we still live with his parents because he is a son and it is kind of a custom for the parents to stay living with the son so that he can support and help the parents when they grow old. But because we live here in America now our generation want to leave and live on our own now because we have grown a custom to the American culture. This is why I feel this term or concept is important it help me learn how people with different culture or race acts or do like living with their parents or moving out I found this out by seeing the diffidence in the cultures.

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I'm not seeing a clear connection between your examples and the "lexical approach". How does the language play into this? What does it say about personality? How does individualism vs. collectivism fit into personality in your examples?

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