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After a semester full of psychology concepts, I would consider myself luck if I remember half of them a year from now. The ones that will stick with me the most are the ones that were so crazy I could not believe them to be true. In chapter 13 of our textbooks, we read about the concept of obedience. It basically is when someone will go along with something simply because someone with authority is urging them to do so. An example we looked at in class was the Stanley Milgram Experiment. Participants were told to ask another participant a question. If the second participant answered the question incorrectly, they were shocked by the first participant. What was so crazy to me was the fact that the first participant went along with this, even when the one being shocked stopped responding. They could have been dead and that is terrifying to me. I will always remember this because I found it absolutely crazy that people would put that kind of pain on someone else just so they would not disobey authority. It also makes me think would I have gone along with that? It is scary what we will do in certain situations.


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I think we tend to make the fundamental attribution error when we see people doing terrible things (killing others based on orders), but we forget how big a role the situation and authority figures can play.

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