Obesity linked to low I.Q., New study suggests

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Pseudopsychology is always proposing new theories that are supposedly supported through quality experiments. This most recent study, suggests that men who score lowly on their IQ examines also appear to have an unhealthy waist/hip ratio leading to obesity and heart risk disease when they reach middle age. I think that they really need to eliminate rival hypothesis and simplify their study by minimizing other possibilities. First off, one observational study cannot prove causation. Secondly, other reasons behind low IQ and obesity could be that there is a positive correlation between IQ and overall success in life. Which means that lower IQ would correlationally have lower success in life, and I did a research paper which showed a correlation between poverty and obesity. That could be just one of the many reasons. Finally the article shows no evidence of replicability nor any precise correlations, just stating that they are related.

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Nice analysis. Be sure to use the link function and include pictures.

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