Online IQ Testing--Not to Trust!

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Recently in class, we have talked about the Intelligence Quotient, a score that is used to assess the amount of knowledge that one has. 100 being the average, 140 being the approximate number for "geniuses," and about 80 and under being mental retardation.

If you would like to get your IQ assessed, I recommend going to a psychologist, who will administer an IQ test. IQ tests ask questions in the areas of logic, linguistics, and other abstract areas of thinking.

If you are like me and you don't have time to go see a psychologist (or know where to find one for that matter) to administer a test, you may have google searched "Online IQ testing." When I was younger, I used to believe these were accurate assessments of my IQ, but now I am aware that it is all pseudoscience.

Here you can find an online IQ test that I recently took (actually 5 minutes ago as a matter of fact) that you only need to enter your name and email address and answer 30 short questions. I received a score of 159. This would mean that I am, frankly, a genius.


As much as I want to believe I am a genius, sadly I know I am not. These IQ tests are not accurate at all, they are not replicable (on a different online test I received a 120), because they do not go in depth. 30 questions in 10 minutes cannot even come close to evaluating anything, these tests are simply scams to try to make money and to advertise.

For more info on IQ, follow this link

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