Orange Juice Make You Positive

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orange juice.pngI recently found an article online discussing how orange juice creates a more positive outlook for people. The article discussed how surveys asked people about their thoughts and feelings towards orange juice and how it affects their lives. Most people responded by saying that it made them feel better about their lives and help them think more positively through out the day.
Later in the article it mentions how people shared positive emotions through analogies and memories about orange juice. However, it is important to note whether or not this study is replicable because of people sharing memories about positive emotions with orange juice one doesn't know if the misinformation effect was used. If the misinformation effect was used during this study it would the research invalid.
The article continues to discuss how this positive outlook caused by orange juice can be seen when 1,002 adults were surveyed nationwide. However because of obtaining information in this form it may not be reliable due to the fact that people can lie during a survey. In order to improve this research they could perform an experiment or do a naturalistic observation.
One thing that the article describes is how orange juice may not only be the cause for the positive outlook. It says that focusing on the simple things in life can also create a positive outlook. This makes orange juice an incorrect causation to this correlation. The article goes on to say that recent studies have shown that people who focus on positive thoughts live a healthier life, which rules out the hypothesis that orange juice is the cause of people living a healthier life. While it may help people live a better life it is not the only cause. To read the full article check out this link,

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Just because there are other things than can cause a positive outlook doesn't mean that orange juice does not cause a positive outlook. What is the source of the research? Do you trust it to be unbiased? Are surveys every trustworthy? Why would people lie?

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