Personality line up in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Ferris Buellers Day Off castWhile watching "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" I noticed some very interesting personality characteristics in the cast. Ferris Bueller and his best friend Cameron Frye are almost complete opposites. Ferris is extremely extroverted whereas Cameron is very introverted. Ferris knows everyone in the school and has relationships to everyone. He is very secure with his attachments and has no worries that anyone likes him. He parents almost coddle him too much but they still leave him to take care of himself during the day why he is sick. This is most likely the reason he trusts that others will love and support his. Cameron is avoidant in his relationships. He withdraws his emotions from others because he does not feel that others will come to his needs being that his parents did not take care of him. In the beginning he is seen being sick in bed where his parents are not even in town.
Cameron is much more neurotic than Ferris also. He is shown as indecisive and having many different emotions through out the movie where as Ferris is mainly happy and excited. He is open to many new experiences like being in a parade and dining at an upper class restaurant. Cameron is opposed to everything. He worries about his fathers car and what Ferris is doing to it. Immediately after taking it out he wants to return it to his house so his father will not find out. This shows that he is also much more conscientious then Ferris. Ferris takes the moment as it comes but Cameron worries about everything. He takes his time and he wants to plan out all of his actions.
This also shows that he is not so agreeable. When Ferris leaves the car in a parking garage, Cameron refuses to get out of the car. Ferris had to call him several times in the beginning of the movie just to get him to come over. The movie directors did an excellent job of plotting out two completely different characters to star in the movie. Even though the movie is technically about Ferris, I think the movies true plot line shows the development of Cameron's personality throughout the movie. He becomes more confident and braver in the end of the movie.

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How do you think the change in personality relates to what you've learned about personality in class? Do you think that given what you know about attraction that these two would likely be friends? Are you talking about attachment styles in addition to personality? A link to more information would be helpful.

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