lust, like, and love.

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Attraction is often the first step to like, lust, or love. It may even cause one of those three. There are many influences on attraction, and eventually love. Proximity is the first factor that leads us to feelings. If someone is close and convenient, we are more likely to be interested. The psychology book says that people with similar last names tend to be friends, just because of their placement in lines and classrooms. The next factor in like is similarity. We like things and people that are similar to us. When we have things in common, it's easier to form a connection because of mutuality and similar opinions. Next is reciprocity, an important factor in relationships and feelings. We feel obligated to maintain equity and give and take an equal amount.

Along with factors of love and like, there's different types of love. Passionate love is when two people have a physical attraction and an overwhelming longing for each other. Another type is companionate ove, which is a deep sense of friendship and fondness of each other. Empty love is when the feelings are gone, and they stay together for other reasons.

The article talks about the rules of attractions, many of which we talked about in discussion section such as symmetry, hip to waist ratio, and the face. It's interesting to me to see how many people view attractiveness, and what is considered the most attractive and acceptable in society.

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