Power Rangers Causing Kids to Grow Up Too Quickly

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A survey in 2009 suggested that kids who watch television shows such as Power Rangers, Ben 10, and Hannah Montana are forced to grow up too quickly. The survey questioned 3,000 parents about their children's behavior and the television shows that they regularly watch. The claims made from the results of the survey violate the scientific thinking method of causation versus correlation. Television shows such as Hannah Montana and Power Rangers do not necessarily force children to grow up quicker, but instead children who naturally grow up quicker may have more a more mature taste in television shows, so they choose to watch these programs. The children who seemed to grow up quicker could have been the effect of a third factor, and not the television shows that they watch.
The same survey also stated that shows such as Power Rangers and Ben 10 cause children to have nightmares. The survey observed that parents reported their children to have nightmares after watching such shows. Researcher Kathryn Crawford uses Occam's razor to prove this claim false. Children under the age of 7 experience elevated rates of nightmares, and that "all children suffer from nightmares at some point". This claim shows that children naturally experience nightmares when they are young, so the television shows do not necessarily cause them. Again using causation versus correlation you can see that a third factor, such as nature, may be the cause.


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Be sure to be clear about what the survey asked and concluded. For example, they did not say that the shows caused them to grow up too quickly, rather that the survey indicated parents believed that the shows made them grow up to quickly. You also left out the second part of the researcher's quote about the violent shows contributing to the nightmares. You must be careful and accurate in your reporting. Could there be multiple causes to behavior? Use picture and the link function (be sure you have text to link your site to).

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