Psychology and Architecture

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I entered the U last year as a pre-graphic design major and took a class called Introduction to Design Thinking. It was an awesome class that really changed the way I think about much of the world around me. Now, I'm a public relations major but also pursuing a minor in design because I believe design these days is very thoroughly integrated and important in our lives.
One thing we discussed in class is how design can make you feel. I found this article on and was intrigued. It lists numerous studies that show that design of rooms can influence the way we think. I always think discoveries like this are pretty nuts. I mean, imagine if we could make people more productive or better at certain tasks just by putting them in different environments. I work for the U's School of Nursing as a Communications and New Media intern and they actually had published an article in last semester's newsletter about hospital architecture and its effects on patient healing. Unfortunately I couldn't find the article online but there are many very similar to it. The neat thing about the SON article though was that apparently there's a set of classes they have set up for students in the health field to take pertaining to this subject. I really love seeing so many subjects of my interest become intertwined- psychology, design and bettering the world.

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I like the idea here, but would like to see you make more explicit connections to things that you have learned in class.

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