Psychology and my life

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Five years from now, I hope to be just recently graduated from the University of Minnesota and starting my career as a journalist. When asked how I think psychology will affect me at that point, I had to stop and think for a moment. Even though I may not be majoring in psychology, I can see how it will shape the way I think about the world. First, I would be more conscientious on how to get people to do what I want them to. The first type of skill I could use would be the foot-in-the-door process, which would involve me starting at a lower demand and slowly increasing until I receive my desired sum. The second type would be door-in-the-face, which would involve me starting at a higher demand that seems completely unreasonable, and moving downward until I reach the desired sum. Also, I would be more conscientious on parenting styles. I would be aware on whether I wanted to be an authoritative parent (treats their child with equal scold and praise), an authoritarian parent (treats their child with only scold), or a permissive parent (treats their child with only praise). Hopefully, with the knowledge I gained in psychology this first semester of my freshmen year, I can make wise decisions on the way I live my life.

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Just as long as you use those ways of manipulating people for good rather than evil... :)

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