Remembering Child Rearing Tips

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I believe that five years from the concept in psychology that I will remember was everything on child rearing. One thing in my life that I am very excited for is becoming a mother. In psychology we learned that there our certain ways to raise a child that work the best. However this environment does not need to be perfect. I know that if I try my best and give my child its essential needs my child will succeed. I simply just need to use my common sense. Also if I use a authoritative style of parenting which establishes rules but also includes listening to child I will be a good parent. I'll remember that it is important to use positive, attachment, unconditional, spiritual, and slow parenting. I also will remember that it is important for my children to develop on their own terms. I believe that I will remember everything I have learned abut child rearing in psychology because being a parent will be an important part of my life several years from now. Child-rearing.jpg

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I will tell you that it is easier said then done. :) Keep that intro psych textbook around for future reference!

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