Stereotype Threat

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One may define a stereotype threat as the fear that we may confirm a negative group stereotype. These can be directed at anyone who falls into a minority group. This article refers to the many different things that apparently women can not do. When a women reads this list, if they believe it, their performance will be affected by it. People tend to perform less well because they believe that they can not perform as well. A stereotype threat can affect someone's individual performance on an IQ test. Although, stereotype threats are not the main reason for the differences in IQ scores between African Americans and Caucasians. The main difference between IQ scores between these groups are the social differences in resources, opportunities, attitudes, and experiences. One woman who has overcome a stereotype threat and particularly number 13 on the list is Chelsea Handler. According to the list, women can not "tell a joke." But Chelsea Handler has not let these accusations affect her in her career and is one of the most well-known comedians ever. Stereotype threats affect people in many different ways, but if one is not affected by these false accusations, they can excel in whatever they wish to.

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Good examples. Do you think the list is accurate or even meant to be taken seriously? You should include a picture as well.

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