The Impacts of Divorce on Children

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For years, the idea has persisted that divorce has a negative impact on children due to conflict between parents and unhealthy situations. However, divorce may not be that cut-and-dry as previously considered to be. The impacts of divorce stretch beyond the realm of fighting to the decrease in contact between parents and their children as well as deterioration in financial situations.

First off, the conflict that is associated with divorce has commonly been known to cause problems with children. The arguments create an uncomfortable environment that feels insecure to children, causing them stress. Likewise, it can hinder the psychological development of children. The sons/daughters of divorcees are known to respond differently to these conditions based on their age and even their gender. Kids as young as 3 years old have come to think that the divorce was their fault while both children and teenagers are found to experience anger, loneliness, fear, depression, guilt, and resentment. These findings are associated with the conditions of children who have parents that are still married but continue to fight regularly.

At the same time, divorce (when one parent gets custody) can create impacts similar to those of a one-parent family. The contact between the noncustodial parent and their child is known to decrease in quantity/quality. Meanwhile, the custodial parent is most likely required to work more due to the changes with the divorce, taking away time/energy that could be spent with their child. The children who experience this absence of attention often turn toward misbehavior and have low self-esteem. Likewise, the divorce may lead to economic hardships for that family. The income of the custodial parent (especially if it is the mother) is likely to be low, generally being at about poverty level. These adverse effects are seen in children as well due to their lack of nutrition and inability to possess many instruments that would be helpful in their future growth.

Consequently, divorce can lead to consequences beyond the realm of conflict to the lack of attention and nutrition in children, hindering their development. However, there are other things still to be considered: How many children of divorce are actually left in these conditions? Are these conditions as harmful as they are presented? Although the severity alters, it is clear that divorce does have effects on children due to the major change in lifestyle ahead of them.

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What do you think about the issues? Do you think that divorce or staying in an unhappy family is more harmful? Why? Good use of sources. A picture would improve the post.

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