The Mozart Effect

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In the Lilienfeld textbook, the Mozart Effect is discussed. The Mozart Effect is the idea that listening to classical music increases intelligence.

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The above image is of the cover of a CD sold for babies. The CD contains classical music. Notice the caption "From Playtime to Sleepytime." This suggests that the babies can listen to the music while playing or sleeping and the music will have the same effect to improve intelligence. According to the textbook, the Mozart Effect did not last long term. In tests, it was shown that it had short term effects but no long term. Without the long term effects, it does not help intelligence.
Also, parents tend to buy "Baby Einstein Toys." These toys are said to improve intelligence in babies but have no evidence to back them up. It is scientifically proven that children that participate in physically active activities have higher intelligence then those who watch videos such as "Baby Einstein." The reason for this is the children that are active experience the lessons first hand rather than watching someone else experiences them through a video. When someone experiences something on their own they are more likely to remember the lesson learned from it. For example, I read countless children books about kids falling and scraping their knees from tripping over their shoelaces. Until I experienced falling a scraping my knee after being too lazy to tie my shoelaces, I had learned no lesson. After my firsthand experience, I was always certain to tie my shoes.


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Where did you get your information? Is it all from the textbook? If so, make that clear. If it is from other sources, cite those and include them as links. Were the Mozart effects to all intelligence?

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