The Right Way to teach kids

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The way in which people parent is a very controversial in this day and age. The trick is not to be permissive or authoritarian but to be authoritative. I believe that my mom was a little more permissive and my dad was a little more authoritarian but with the combination of the two I think that they were the perfect mixture. Then again I am part of an Caucasian American family where as there is some evidence that suggests that in certain collectivist cultures such as China it is better for the parents to be more Authoritarian. The best way to parent seems to be just to give the children an environment that provides the basic needs for affection and appropriate discipline, and usually this will be enough for their children to turn out fine. Although the role of the father and mother are important research shows that children that are part of nontraditional families will usually fare just fine. It is also shown that the majority of children survive their parents divorce without long-term emotional damage. Here is an article that shows how to be a more assertive parent and how to say no to your child. This is an interesting article because it shows how to set limits for your kids and to make sure that your kids don't get whatever they want but at the same time it makes sure those parents are not over authoritative on their children.

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Do you mean overly authoritarian? Try to focus your argument rather than giving a bunch of not clearly related facts. Where did you get your information about "research" (cite/link)? Use the link function and add pictures.

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