The Truth About Races and IQ Scores

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In chapter nine of the Lilienfeld text, titled "Intelligence and IQ Testing," it discusses racial differences in IQ scores. For starters, IQ stands for intelligence quotient and is defined as a systematic mean of quantifying differences among people in their intelligence. Studies have proven that the average IQ score does indeed differ among races, for an example, Asians score higher than Caucasians and Caucasians score higher than African Americans and Hispanics. However, it is emphasized that this does not necessarily imply genetic differences in intelligence or learning potential. There are many factors that go into somebody's intelligence level, including environmental and cultural influences.

I think that this particular topic caught my attention because I am half Asian and I have been stereotyped under these circumstances. During high school, many of my peers assumed that I had a higher intelligence level because of my ethnicity and thought that the pure Asians obtained an even higher level of intelligence. Although this could remain true in some cases, it is very wrong and inaccurate to make the assumption about every Asian. I believe that all ethnicities have the opportunity to flourish and develop high intelligence, but that some may have greater success because of their culture or environment. For an example, the Asian culture has always highly valued education and emphasizes it at a young age, and this could be why some may believe that all Asians are born smart. I think that this concept is important because many believe that Asians have some sort of advantage over other races, when that is not necessarily true.

I know some families where all the children are intelligent so I am still wondering if intelligence is genetically influenced at all? Are certain people born with more potential to develop a higher intelligence than others? When you're younger, what can be done to help obtain a higher intelligence? Are IQ tests ever looked at when someone is getting hired for a job?

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Nice post. IQ tests are used by the army for hiring. That's the only one I know of for sure.

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