Violent Video Games and Human Qualities?

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It is a very controversial study in the present day regarding the effects of violent video games on a person's aggression level in the real world. However, Dr. Brock Bastian decided to investigate a new area in how violent video games effect lifestyles: human qualities and intelligence levels.

According to the article reported by "Byron Shire News", Dr. Bastian (of the University of Queensland) carried out a study where people's levels of "humanity" were measured after playing a popular violent video game; Mortal Kombat. According to the results found, players started to see themselves and opponents to be lacking in human qualities such as intelligence, open-mindedness and warmth towards others. As quoted "... given the findings, concerns about the effects of playing violent video games were not surprising, especially when they appeared to reflect changes in behavior, emotions, and cognitions in ways consistent with a loss of humanity."

When looking at the information from this study, it makes me consider a few things. Even though this isn't directly measuring aggression/violence levels in participants, the qualities that it is measuring are generally associated with how violent somebody tends to be (the less "human" somebody is, the more violent the generally are.)

Another idea that really came to my attention was the debate of "Correlation vs. Causation"; do the violent video games cause the inhumane qualities, or are people with inhumane qualities drawn to playing violent video games?

Finally, I also am curious what exactly the basis for humanity is in the experiment. It's not as if there is an actual definition for what humanity is down to a period, so are these just normal varioations in personality, or is there truly something "inhuman" being observed from people who play violent video games?

Luckily, the idea of video games effects on the human psyche is a very popular topic. I'm sure that with on going research on whether or not violent video games should be regulated for the greater good some of my questions regarding the topic will eventually be answered... It's just a matter of time.

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You might enjoy reading the whole article here . Interesting topic. It turns out that it was an experimental study (so no correlation vs. causation applies here). Overall nice job.

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