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I have learned so many interesting facts in Psych 1001 that it is very hard to choose one particular piece of information that will stick out to me in the years to come. I believe that the most interesting thing I have learned thus far in psychology is the concept of IQ and the truth about how the tests work. (IQ Bell Curve) I realize that IQ is important but it isn't everything. IQ is a great predictor at how successful people will be, but only up to a point. There so many other factors that go into success its hard not to just to dismiss IQ outright but it does have a .5 correlational success which is very good for real world application. In the future I think that this will play an important role in how I view people because it does help bring people with high IQ's down to a more human level. Practice is what makes perfect not being born with an innate ability to do amazing things. For many students this is very comforting as it means we are not trapped inside of a number. Our will and our drive to accomplish great things will help us to do so. It is all of these concepts that made the greatest impact on me and I believe they will carry on with me well beyond the classroom.

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Also remember that you are very likely among the high IQ group (relatively anyway) given that you are in college right now. You already are a step ahead of others.

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