Everlasting love??

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There are many things that I have learned this semester that will stick with me well into the future. Knowledge about parenting (conditioning), child/brain development, etc, will all come in handy in the future. One thing that was not as heavily focused on, but I think it quite interesting and will definitely affect me into the future is the "triangular theory of love" by Sternberg. This theory states that there are three major elements to love: intimacy, passion, and commitment. Each of these parts of the triangular theory can create different types of relationships and can help people understand their relationships. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship, couples can build stronger connections or alternatively realize their relationship is not working. This diagram shows the different types of love that can occur depending on which sides of the triangle are present in a relationship.

I think that while other things we learned in class will certainly be useful in the future, I am definitely not planning on having kids within the next five years, but I do plan on continuing my current relationship, or alternatively creating new ones. Other ideas that I will also remember connected to this idea are passionate vs. compassionate love, the triangular theory of hate, and information about attraction.

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"The boyfriend"

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Good luck in your relationship! :)

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