Five Years From Now and Beyond

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The broad field of Psychology has taught me much about the world through many aspects covered in class. I found that Chapter 13 Social Psychology has had the most impact on me especially the section of prejudice and discrimination. One concept that has stood out to me is the ultimate attribution error.
I think of myself as a moral and righteous individual, but even I am not perfect. I strive to get along with others and treat them with respect, but it's difficult for me not to feel uncomfortable around certain people. I try not to group people together through the use of stereotypes. It's not easy to identify and deal with personal issues at deeper levels.
I remember when I was a young boy in elementary school. I was in fourth grade, and I had issues of course. I didn't get along with a boy in class, and what he did bothered me. He was annoying, and I didn't like him all that much. I should have been polite to him of course, but I was rather rude to him whenever we got into arguments. I would make rude retorts to him about his race, and that is something that I would never do today. Through the media, culture, and many other factors, I've been trained to accept stereotypes. I still haven't forgiven myself, but at least I know why now.

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Do you feel that the class gave you any ways to overcome those stereotypes? I love the picture by the way (it did take me a minute).

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