Freud's Defense Mechanisms

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Five years from now, the concept that I have learned in psychology that I think I will remember is Freud's defense mechanisms. I believe that his theory of the ten major defense mechanisms can describe a person's actions any time anxiety is present. When someone is acting in some sort of manner because of anxiety, I believe that their actions can be defined into at least one of Freud's defense mechanisms. This will come in handy because when someone is acting in a way that I don't understand, I will be able to categorize their actions into one of the major defense mechanisms and be able to better understand what is causing the person to act in that way. The more knowledge one has about the defense mechanisms, the easier it is to be able to understand and help people that are struggling with anxiety. I think that people portray these defense mechanisms a lot more than people really realize and by having the knowledge of them, it will help to better understand people. I know that even I will continue to use these defense mechanisms because they are unconscious maneuvers that the ego engages in, and having the knowledge of them will help me to rationalize why I and others make the decisions that we make when anxiety is present.

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Be careful remember as your textbook says much of Freud has been shown to be untrue or at least untestable. Most modern psychologists do not really believe in most of the defense mechanisms. We must take all of Freud with a grain of salt (or maybe several tablespoons).

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