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Five years from now, the thing I'll remember most about from psychology 1001 will be classical conditioning. Classical condition is the form of learning in which animals come to respond to a previously neutral stimulus that had been paired with another stimulus that elicits and automatic response. I will remember this for the fact that this can apply to almost any behavior that you develop. I find it so fascinating, that you can have a certain response to something that does even relate to the stimulus. Like with Pavlov's experiment he got a dog to salivate to a bell. Another reason I will remember classical conditioning, is for the fact that when I'm older I really want to try and redo Pavlov's experiment with the dog I get. Also, it makes me think about all the times that I might have been classical conditioned to do something, or the times that it was tried but failed. There are just so many different ways and opportunities for classical conditioning; it is something that can never be forgotten. When you think about it, even at school you are classically condition. You get excited when the bell rings, because it means you get to switch classes. Then sometimes you get excited when you here a bell and you don't even need/get to switch classes. Those are some of the reason why I will remember classical conditioning the most.

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My dogs are classically conditioned to drool and be excited by a clicker (try clicker training when you get a dog). I think the creepiest example I heard was that you can be classically conditioned to produce a blister (or hives!)... Gross!

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