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I can say with confidence that years from now many psychology principles will still spurred to everyday recollection. I'd say that the most influential is one of the simplest, Occam's razor. The simplest answer is probably correct. When I first learned about this in class I thought it was so obvious that it wasn't worth printing in a book. It is such a simple principle that Occam shouldn't be famous for it.
Then as I was going through other coursework I started thinking about it as I answered questions, and I really do think it helps. Look for the simplest and most logical answer. Many times when you get fancy when looking for a solution and the process becomes complicated the answer you find is muddled and not likely to be correct. There is a sort of beauty to life in that way that I had never thought about until taking the time to really consider this principle. Now I consider it second nature to find the simplest answer, whether it's a chemistry problem or trying to figure out the guilty party in a crime show. It's funny how the things that you brush off as worthless can be so influential after a small amount of honest consideration.

Occam's Razor

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