My Most Important Psychology Topic

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There are many concepts that I believe will be useful for me in 5 years or so, but the topic that I think will be most important for me will be topics in behavioral psychology and social psychology, such as how socializing can play a role on development. I think I'll find these so important at that time because I am hoping to become a zoologist that specializes in animal social behavior. Although animals obviously aren't exactly the same in how they react as humans, but the concepts shouldn't differ too much. When studying animal social behavior it would obviously be important to understand certain cues and being able to put a reason onto why animals act in a certain way together and socialize (or not socialize at all). Also, if I ever had to help raise an animal, it would be important for the animal to be in an environment where it could thrive and eventually be assimilated into an area where it could be with its own kind. Most of all I will remember these behavioral concepts because I find them fascinating, and that is a huge reason as to why I am going into animal behavior.

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I highly recommend taking a learning class too! You learn about animal training and behavior.

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