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Dawit Wage
Psychology writing assignment # 6
Date- 11/2/2011
Personality is distinctive, characteristic pattern of thought, emotion, and behavior that uniquely define an individual. Personality is not just who we are, it also how we are across time and situations. Consistency is one of the fundamental characteristics of personality that determine the unique individual behavior across time and conditions. As research conducted for more than two decades at University of Minnesota on both identical and fraternal twins reared apart was good evidence that a trait is more enduring predisposition that influences our behavior across many situations. For example in case of the identical twins Jack and Oskar were separated immediately after birth, raised in different states but still their personality is very similar in many situations. This finding suggests that the effect of genes on personality is much greater than shared environment. The shared environment plays little or no role in adult personality. In some cases like adoption studies, the adapted child personality still similar to his or her biological parents even if they live apart since birth. The adapted child personality is also similar with his or her adapted parents due to environmental influences. It would indicates that being raised together doesn't lead to much similarity in personality between parents and offspring. Sometimes families in the same parents grew up in the same home have different personality for example one is extraverted and the other is introverted in many situations. But still an average our personality is more correlated to our gene than shared environment.
The reason why I remember about personality in five years from now is, because the subject is very interesting that tells us who we are and how we are across time and situations. As in previous memory lesson, the information which is exciting tends to be better remembered than the information is uninteresting and ordinary. It is also easy to remember the big five personality traits as a meaningful word as OCEAN.
Source from Scott Lilienfeld and lecture notes identical twin.jpg

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