Psychology I will Remember the Most

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During this semester of Psychology 1001, I learned so much about many different types and techniques of psychology. The one thing that will stick with me five years from now is the functions of the brain. I was really interested while learning about all the different ways the brain works together and i think that this information stuck with me the best. I found it interesting how the left brain and right brain have such specific functions that must work together in order for the body to be completely functional. I also will remember the importance of the Wernickes Area and Broca's Area in the brain and what their functions are. It amazed me how in a study, when two pictures were flashed in front a person who had their corpus collasum split through surgery, they could only draw one side of the picture, when they did not know the reason why. It shows the true functions of left and right brain activity when they can not work together through the corpus collasum. The brain just amazes me in general. I really enjoyed learning about it and how it really worked. I will definitely remember this information 5 years from now.

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I highly recommend you take Biopsychology! It's filled with lots more information on the brain!

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