Remembering Five Years from Now

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pondering.jpgThere is so much information that is packed into a semester that it is probably going to be hard to remember much of it five years from now. However, I don't think I will ever be able to forget the principles of scientific thinking. Ruling out rival hypothesis, correlation vs. causation, falsifiability, replicabiliby, extraordinary claims, and occam's razor are forever burned into my brain.

One of the main reasons for this is because it was not only explained to the class in the first chapter, but it was also repeated throughout the other chapters as well. In every chapter there seemed to be another real-world example of how one of the six principles of scientific thinking works and is applied. I have already found a few moments in my life, after learning about them, that I have been able to apply one of the concepts. Furthermore, I know that as long as my other classes continue to give statistics and theories that I will be able to continue to use it.
I feel that learning the principles of scientific thinking has been really beneficial for me to know because they have allowed me to really question what others are telling. I am now prepared to look at the world with a more scientific mind.

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If we had one goal of teaching you something in the class, I think this would be it!

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