Remembering Psych 1001

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Over the course of this semester, we have looked at quite a few topics. Some things that we studied I had previously learned about in a my high school Psychology course but went into more depth about such as some of the sleep disorders and mental disorders while there were things that we did not cover such as the psychological study of learning and stress. Overall, I feel that there was a lot of information that I hope to retain.
One thing however that I think that I will stick with me throughout college and hopefully my life is the concept of correlation vs causation. Learning to think scientifically has really opened my mind to how things really are. I think the reason this concept will stick with me is because it is versatile and can be used outside of psychology. Although all of the scientific thinking methods are useful, I feel that this onewill really help me think clearly in life.
One example of this is I am currently writing a research paper for my writing class. As I read all sorts of scholarly articles, many end with statements such as "and we found that students who spend more time Facebook are poor students in the classroom." Now after taking this course, I feel the urge to want to point out the other side to the researcher by saying that maybe poor students in the classroom spend more time on Facebook because they don't do well in class. I think this helps me become a better student.
I think this concept will really help me in the future and will stick with me for a long time.The example below is just an article talking about how we use correlation vs causation no matter what we do in life.

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Excellent observation. If we can teach you critical thinking, then we've done our job!

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